GIC Web Site Author Instrucctions

To insert manage news items

to ADD a news item

  1. log in as newsmaster
  2. select "add content" from the menu after clicking on the arrow on the far right part of the top black bar
  3. select GIC News Item
  4. insert the news title, body and the source url (so that when published it shows the right reference)
  5. add images by paying around with the image picker
  6. select the tag GIC News Item
  7. preview/edit as many times you want, finally click save so that it is published

when published, the most recent 5 news items appear in the web site front page.

to EDIT a news item click on 'edit' when viewing it when logged as 'newsmaster'

to DELETE a news item click on 'delete' when editting it.

to have a news item shown as 'Featured News', select the tag 'GIC News Item Featured' when editing it. Only the most recent news item with this tag will be shown

To create a new section (such as 'Agriculture', 'Technical resources', etc.)

  1. Select an name for referring to it in drupal. For instance 'GIC My section'
  2. Create a taxonomy TAG named 'GIC My section'
  3. Populate section by creating content items of type 'Basic page' and make sure to mark the tag 'GIC My section' when editing it.
  4. If you want a section banner to appear on all pages of this section
  5. a. Create a 'Basic page' with a banner. The banner should be a 940x150 image. Include the banner as a background image of a table. See 'GIC Application Agriculture Banner' for an example. Leave all tags unmarked. Remeber to set Text Format to 'Full HTML' to prevent drupal from filtering HTML tags
    b. Create a Minipanel with one single column and insert the page just created. Set 'override title' to . Set 'build mode' to GIC Only body'. See 'GIC Application Agriculture Banner Minipapel' for an example
    c. In blocks, insert the minipanel in the 'Secondary' part with some low weight (such as -10), to ensure it always appears last in the 'Secondary' part. Configure the block and in Visibility Settings->Terms select the previously created tag (GIC My section)

  6. If you want a section menu with selected items in this section
  7. a. create the menu and insert it in the Blocks->Sidebar first
    b. in Visibility settings->Terms select the previously created tag (GIC My section).
    c. Set 'block title' to if you do not want a title to show in the menu heading
    d. Manually add in the menu the items you wish

  8. If you want to add a view to list all content of a section (all pages tagged with 'GIC My section')
  9. a. create a view that includes all pages tagged with 'GIC My section'. Set the filter options to only show content tagged with 'GIC My section' (see 'GIC Tag Agriculture' view for an example)
    b. create a 'Basic page', set a title to it, leave the body empty if you do not want any extra content to the list and in 'Block Reference' select the view you just created. Mark the content with the tag 'GIC Tag Agriculture' (this way, when displaying the list, the associated banner and menu also appear)
    c. note down the node id assigned by drupal to the page you just created (say it is 39) and add a filter to the view created in step a) so that content:nid not equal to 39
    d. finally, you might want to include this page in the menu created in step 5) above

  10. If you want specific blocks to appear when displaying section content (such as other menus, etc.), set the block visibility to Terms -> Tag 'GIC My section'

**NOTE** in all steps above, you might need to explicitly run Configuration->System->Cron so that views, blocks, etc created by you appear consistently thoughout drupal

To create Featured Content

If you want to add content to the 'Featured Content' accordion on the right side of the front page
   a. Create a 'Basic Page'
   b. Mark the tag GIC Featured Content
   a. Further configure the accordion on Structure->Views->GIC Featured Content View